Thursday, April 15, 2010

off to the mountain artist retreat and sleepover....

Just a bit of inspiration and a challenge for the weekend. I will be off line for the weekend and headed for MARS ( mountain artists retreat and sleepover) and I cannot wait. It's a group of 17 crafty and creative girls who will be teaching, creating, exchanging and just being wild in our jammies! I will be playing with making some fabric postcards - and my challenge is for you to try as well! Simple sewing and a great tutorial at momfetti will get you started. Check out what Chris got from Dianne below.... love fabric going through the mail! Try it.....
Here is a cool invitation with a quilted cover and a paper back
(that's where the stamp goes!)... super cute.... and puffy.

This is a bit more intricate and fabulous... but equally great. Come on... give it a try. Step out of the box
Or... maybe try making some fabric envelopes... these were found at my half of the brain
Just a little more inspiration for you for the weekend with this cute little pouch. How fun would this be to receive as a gift? Hand sewn with buttons and a stripe of colored embroidery floss and a collection of hand lettered cards. I want to make one!
Ok... here are the homers for the day.... Another fabulous image from Judith to Chris. She used the cover of "A Chorus Line" album and did her doodling magic all over it and made it into a postcard! Way cool!!!
This is a card that looks way better in person ( i know because i got one too!).... it's a fabric printed postcard. The fabric is hand tie dyed, with a screened image of dianne's hands, and a hand stamped peace sign. It says "Spread the word by Hand" - love it!!! It's from Dianne ( lady Ti Di) to Chris.... and it's beutiful!
last but not least....
i have received an enormous amount of mail each day. and i thank all of you very much! I have not posted alot because you have all filled the pages with your homers. I will post them, don't worry. I just wanted all of you to know that I appreciate all the happy mail! Make sure you have not neglected your BLOG PAL... after all, it's all about them!!!

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