Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When i got a super cool huge postcard from Judith last week, made from a record album cover... I knew i had to send her something back to knock her socks off. So... I decided on a 33lp record. No enveople neccessary please!
I mailed it yesterday and low and behold... it arrived to her house today! What do you think? Now i challenge you all to step outside the box ( envelope, i mean... ) and think of something super cool and different to send to your blog pal.
(oh and did i say that it did knock her socks off! She loved it!!!)

and now onto your mailbox pics for the day....
This one is from Zoraida to Debbie... great quilt blocks!
From Tracy to Debbie.... love the envelope and that you wrote a letter. That's how to take the challenge literally!!!
From Joy to Tamara.... very tweet!
From Eileen to Tamara... I love that little garden wheelbarrow!
From Tracy to Debbie... oh Tracy, so proud of those doodles... and is that a tag..... so so cute!
From Gail to Tamara ... love those little trees ( heheh)
From Eileen to Tamara.... springtime daisies.
From Tracy to Debbie.... way to decorate the envelope Tracy... I love it, and i'm sure it was calming and theraputic... right?

From Cory to Debbie... love the gingham!


Anonymous said...

Linz - you truly BLEW MY MIND with your stupendous vinyl postcard!! I showed it to everyone I ran into, and the people at Post Net even took it in back to show to their employees! Came home and immediately created a message on vinyl for my granddaughter, Haley. She's gonna love it! Thank you SOOOOOO much for my gift and for being such a source of inspiration!

Beth said...

Supercool record album!!!!