Thursday, April 22, 2010

going postal!

This is a classic.....
I love this card... I think this is the front of Hollands Card to Dianne... lady ti die.....

and, because my intenet sucks... that's all i will be posting for tonight. But i will share with you some homers....

* Holland to Dianne
*Gail to Karen
*Chris to Karen
*Holland to Karen
*Judith to Karen
*Cory to Karen
*Gail to Joy
*Holland to Gail
*Gail to Tamara
*Francine from Gail
*Abby from Lindsay
*Riley to Abby
*Abby to Riley
*Abby from Cory
*Francine from Alli
*Lindsay from alli
*Holland to Lindsay
*Bronwyn to Karen
*Lindsay from Bronwyn
*Tamara to Karen
*Debbie to Karen
*Judith to Lindsay
*Mary to Judith
*Franicne to Lindsay
*Lindsay to Janet
*Lindsay to Paula
*Laura from Jennifer
*Paula to Lindsay

ok... i am done, not really... but i can't remember anymore. So do you see why i am postal??? And that was just today. I am so so sorry that I can't upload these. I am not sure what the problem is. And i am sure that i missed a few in the list there! But.... Just know that your cards were so well appreciated and so fabulous.... and need i say we are all single handedly keeping our postal service alive! You guys have sent a million cards!!!I think one of my favorite pics was from Lady Ti Di. She posted a pic of her mantle with all of her cards placed perfectly on top of it, intertwined with a garland vine of ferns. So great to get all that mail and make some new friends.

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