Friday, April 23, 2010

just another day at the mailbox

Well.... here is a HUGE collection of cards and letters for the week. It took forever to upload and figure out who sent what to whom. But it didn't stop me from going to a great Estate Sale and a little craft fair to boot! One week to go with this challenge. EVERYONE is now entered in to win the Grand Prize of envelopes, papers and stickers to make a bunch of cards and letters for the rest of the year.
This is a collection of all the cards that Joni got from a group of very great non-Blog Pal pals....
This green wreath is a masterpiece from Cory to Karen... or maybe it's the other way around.
Angie painted this beautiful butterfly for her Blog Pal Gail.... isn't it great. I love the lettering.
this great card with a cool elephant and rubber duckies? is from Gail to Abby
Riley sent this one to Abby with her own drawings on it.
Chris kept her theme of butterflies sending this card all the way to Abby
Joy scattered her joy with these pretty blue polka dot daisies... in this card to Abby
This little beauty is from Tamara to Gail.... look at that fabulous envelope.
Another random thought card from Holland to Gail.... it says... "i've stepped put"
Joy sent a starbucks bag as a letter. She used the swirls to do the writing on. It went to gail... and if you look at the envelope, she used a ton of single digit postage to mail it.
This sweet card is from Jeni to Eileen... i love the kitchenaid mixer.
This one is to Gail from Francine.... great colors and really neat envelope Francine!
This was sent to Abby from? Not sure who... but i love it. It says... The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams - a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt.
For Abby from Cory... all the way to the Phillipines! I love how cory writes who each card is to on the front.

From Alli to Francine... an old school friendship bracelet... a gift and a card.
From Bronwyn to Karen... using my favorite paper of all times from Colors by Design. Watercolored by calligrapher David Mekelberg.... love it!
A card bought at a fundraiser by some kids at Deer Creek School from Debbie to Karen
This card is stamped by Gail to Karen... great colors.
This is Hollands pic of pins and needles... sent to Karen. That's my Holland... random!
This was made by Tamara - the heart is made from a coke can... really cute! And sent to Karen...
This card is from Chris to Karen with a beautiful spring butterfly...
Such a sweet picture of Lady Ti Di's mantle at home - complete with her kitty picture, vine and all of the cards that she received this month. This makes me smile!

Ok, so yesterday I posted the front of Holland's card to Lady Ti Di.... and this was what was inside. . . so funny!

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