Tuesday, April 27, 2010

one week to go.....

We are winding down now. It's our last week of National Letter Writing week. If any of you have NOT gotten a card/ letter from your Blog Pal... let me know. If not... i think you all have and are all now registered to win the BIG grand prize of a stationery kit... envelopes. papers, stickers and more! So.... write alot this week and don't forget to check in for the next challenge to be revealed on April 30th at midnight! Check the right hand column with the MGD logo for a bit of a sneek peek......Thanks for playing and let's keep letter writing and mailing cards alive all year long! Here we go with a few more!!!!
This blue and green bundle of cuteness is from Janet to Sherry... and i recognize the little circle in the corner... because i got one too. It's a pretty little glass fridge magnet!
I love this Mary E. quote that Jenny sent to Sherry in this cute card.
Mary, Mary quite contrary... how does your garden grow? That's Mary's quote on this pretty in pink card to Sherry
this friendship bracelet with a hawaiian flair is from Hula Sister Alli to Sherry
and... the other hula sister did this beauty saying "bloom where you are planted " for sherry...
This one is from karen b. to sherry
This little collection is a great big pile of goodness that Cory received from her blog pal... sherry
Probably my favorite picture of all.... this one is from Tamara and it's "greetings on line"... get it, on-line. Anyway... any of you who get more pics this week, please take them in a cool collection like this. It makes it easier for me to upload... thanks!

Not sure why Joy is Sorry.... but this black and white beauty is from Joy to Sherry

Cory decided to look at all of her goodies in a big pile! That's alot of love from new friends !


Createology said...

Joy sent me a lovely handmade card saying Sorry for the loss of my Uncle who passed away. Very sweet and unexpected of Joy. Thank you so much.

Dogwood said...

I LOVE how Tamara has displayed her cards. So creative!!!