Friday, July 2, 2010

addicted to trailers....

I have fallen and i can't get up. Seriously. Forget about mailart, forget about doodling... all of it. I'm over it. I am hooked on old trailers and i GOTTA have one!!!
This is one of my new favorite trailers. It's owned by a friend's friend in Indiana.... so so cute! Check out her blog at .....
that's the life for me.... and, i did invite myself to her house and she asked me when i was coming. She doesn't know me very well... because my car is almost packed and ready to roll!!!
but wait... this is closer to home!
Then, i was talking to my freind Michal at work. She was telling me that her dad has been collecting and fixing up trailers for the past few years. This one is his. He and his wife bought it and had it fixed up.
This is what it looked like when they bought it for next to nothing. When you see the before and after, it really gives a new meaning to the word trailer trash! I guess before i hit the road to indiana, i have to travel up to readding to meet with the gal who buys and sell these. Amazing and peaceful... gotta get me one!!!

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