Sunday, July 4, 2010

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Fewwhhh! That was a close call. Just when i thought that i would never pull myself away from those super cute trailers... along comes some fabulously fun doodling!

How cute are these doodles? They are done by a cute young teacher and mother of 2 from Utah, Samantha. She has the blog/ website doodle-art-alley
Riley, my 15 year old... is teaching a camp at my work (ben franklin crafts and frames)
it's a three day camp and what am i doing on this 4th of July morning? Researching for her camp! She is in truckee with some freinds... so mommy is getting the class ready.
I found Samantha's great site while looking up doodling for kids. She has some great ideas and from hers, i came up with things that a 15 year old could teach to 5-12 year olds. Sounds like fun, huh? There are still some spots available if you know any kids that would like to join us ( i mean her :()
They will be doing a bit of zentangling...
we'll make a doodling journal ( with a doodled cover)
we might doodle a name... using die cut alphabets
and i think we will take a tin can and make a doodled wrap for it so they can store all their pencils in it!

so... now that i am done with that.... it's off to the dutch flat independance day parade (small town america at it's finest), home to work in the garden, finish the art for my CHA release
(yippie!) and a little bbq with me and my honey, a jaccuzi and no kids! What??? Yep, no kids. Kurtis is leaving for Hanoi, Vietnam from Hoi Chi Min City... Bailey is Partying with friends in Berekely, and Riley is running around in Truckee. Happy fourth of July to all you all! And don't forget to take a minute to doodle today and be a YANKEE DOODLE DANDY!!!


Createology said...

Hi Lindsay and Happy Safe and Sparkly Fourth to you. Love the doodling. Enjoy your day with no kids!

Beth said...

CHA hints :)

Dar said...

I love these inspire me once again, to make some fun for the grandloves. My grandson has so much fun making his version of Flat Stanley's cousin, he named him Flat Alex and he has been traveling with him this summer. So cool.