Friday, July 2, 2010

Look what i found in my mailbox today.... J.E.L.L.O!!!!
But wait... it doesn't wiggle or jiggle.... it's a piece of mail, for me
And when i opened it... there was a pretty glassine envelope, a tag tied with a black bow from JOY and a gift awaiting inside!

A Cute little metal tag with my name on it that i promptly put onto my camera bag! So cute... thanks so much Joy, it's always a JOY to go to my mailbox.... but this one was really refreshing!

Finally. Flat Fanny is getting out and about. She is having a very fun summer...
She spent the other day, all dressed up and in her very grown-up attire; with Cory and a bunch of her girlfriends from high school.... looks like some mighty good eats!
Next... Amy and Wyatt loaded up the Moter Home and treked off to Arches National Park. Fanny loves to climb the rocks.
She got so excited when she saw all the red rocks, she couldn't wait to put on her hiking boots and start climbing.
Whoa... wait a minute. When did Fanny get her drivers license?
Here she is dreaming about how many fish she is going to catch... not sure what lake this is though. But a good time was had by all, i am sure!

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