Thursday, August 12, 2010

the sketchbook project...idea

My mom e-mailed me and said that she misses my daily blog entries... so, sorry for those of you that don't miss them. But my mom comes first. So the next entry is dedicated to you mom. Hope you enjoy.
I haven't felt very creative lately. So instead... we sought out creativity at the Sacramento Flea Market this weekend. Here are a few of the finds that i left behind.
Below... antique plainers. This guys had a whole table of these hand plainers. They were so pretty.
ahhh... what would the day be without a stuffed deer head in a bucket? Not a very fun day, that's for sure!
This gal had a whole tub of baby blocks. They looked so cool, i had to snap a pic. That looks like a project waiting to happen
Kurtis went with us and he just got home from Thailand. He saw these ultra cool clown shoes. He really wanted them.... but we left them there for the next clown in waiting.
I am looking for a chandiler for my garden. This is a nice one.
A mixmaster... hey mom, isn't this just like the mixmaster you had? They were asking ALOT of money for it It was beautiful and clean.
and who dosen't love plastic letters like they use on the marquee signs?
and pennants... big, big , BIG!
I LOVE this piece. A gal
I love this piece below. A gal buys lots of old typeface... and then takes it and uses it to make word art with it. It's all really beautiful.

Below... are shoe horns, i think. My grandpa was a shoemaker so i always love things that were used by shoemakers.

I am looking for a bit of meaning right now in my life, i guess. and this next idea below... is just what i need to kickstart my creativity.
take a look at this site. my friend judith showed this to me and now i am going to be a part of this cool idea. For $25 you get a sketchbook sent to you, you fill it up however you want with whatever you want and return it to them. They call it a concert tour but for sketchbooks. Once they get the books back, they get barcoded and become part of the brooklyn art library as well as going out on tour all across the country. Such a cool idea. I hope you will all give it a try!
and now....
for something completely different,
I think that Flat Fanny has gone completely off the map! Where in the world is Flat Fanny? There hasn't been a siting for quite some time now. And... we need to see where in the world she has been....
so......... we need to take some flat fanny pics and send them for me. Thanks for palying... i heard from a few of you that flat fanny has some amazing adventures still coming up!
i guess we need a letter writing chalange.... so, you want to write and don't know what to write about... the theme for today is ...What did i do on my summer vacation... so let's get those cards and letters coming!

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Sylvia Drown said...

Hi Lindsay! Where and when is this Sacramento Flea Market???