Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Well ladies... we are in the last few days of summer... and flat fanny is going out with a splash. Let's keep those cards and letters coming for the next week or so and then onto a new challenge. For now... here are some of flat fanny's last adventures of the summer!

Joy and flat fanny made a splash on the last days of summer by heading out to sunsplash for a little water play!
Joy and her kids also took her to get some ice cream... yummy!
Joy and her daughter Grace took Flat Fanny shopping for a back pack for back to school... i like the polka dot one!
Shelly and her Flat Fanny are getting ready to start a new job at a brand new school... looks like a nice one!
Here, Flat Fanny is hanging out with some of the broken down boxes after Shelly set up her new classroom at her new school

Cory played dress up with her Flat Fanny and turned her into a guardian angel for the summer. Looks like she is happy hanging out in the garden.

if you have anymore Flat Fanny pictures ... send them before the summer is over. Flat Fanny will go into hybernation for the winter and we will start a new challenge.

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