Wednesday, November 17, 2010

random acts of crafting...

So while you are at the market thinking about free range or organic frozen turkeys, stop... and think about crafting. Joni shared this picture with me today and I love it. Last year their family went camping over by the coast for Thanksgiving. She says she always has here glue gun and a few supplies. So her grandson (age 11) went on a pinecone hunt and turned plain old pinecones into placecard masterpieces. Aren't they cute? Thanks for sharing Joni.
Our family does craft projects on Thanksgiving too. It's part of our day and EVERYONE participates. One year we made dolls from just bits of muslin and anything else we could find in the craft bin... and you should have seen my husbands viking! We have done sequined ornaments, necklaces... all sorts of stuff. This year, my son found these fabulous styrafoan pinecones on a cool blog called things to make and do. We might just make these. Not sure yet... too soon to decide. Just thought I would share those Random acts of crafting ideas for today. Have a great evening.

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