Monday, November 15, 2010

random acts of LOVE!!!

Cory sent this pic to show some of her creations that she took to the Grass Valley Hospital Cancer Center. She just decided to be creative and share them with folks that really needed a little cheer. Selfless and really super cute random act of LOVE. Thanks for sharing Cory!
Judith sent a post ( and i checked it on ) about a humpback whale who was all tamgled in crab lines and nets in the San Francisco bay. 4 divers went to her rescue. They were successful in cutting the lines off of her and when they were done... she danced in circles. She then proceeded to go up to each diver and shake their hand ( see the pic... it's true )... and the last diver who cut the nets away from her eye said that she looked at him square in the eye as if to say thanks. Now that's an act of LOVE! amazing!!!
Over the weekend... it was super windy. Our tree in our front yard hasn't turned yet but the leaves were still blowing away like crazy. That was a random act of beauty. Loved it.
This is just a little crafty treat. . . . I made this little necklace gift for my friend Judith for her birthday. I just wanted to share because we haven't had much crafting going on here lately. I painted the little heart on muslin, stuffed it, beaded it, backed it and then strung it on a silk cord. I think she was pleasantly surprised.
So... last week... i got awarded the employee of the quarter at work. Quite a surprise. I cried... and i got a pizza lunch, a pitcher of beer and two movie tickets... NICE.
Then....... tonight......
Out of the blue, I was awarded the Outstanding Trustee Award for the year by the Alta Dutch Flat School district where I am begining my 3rd term. I got a beautiful bronze statue of a girl that looks alot like me and my two girls. I was floored. All my fellow school board members voted for me on this one and our superintendent read a beautiful piece he wrote about me. I feel like i should go out and buy a lottery ticket or something. This has been a great last week for me.

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Beth said...

Congrats on being recognized both at work and as Trustee. How cool!!!!