Sunday, December 5, 2010

all i ever needed to know....

i ever needed to
i learned from

1. always color outside the lines
2. never run with scissors
3. a little glue can fix almost anything
4. there are no rules
5. be creative
6. there is no "perfect" ( thanks for that one sherry!)
7. Straight lines are not all they are cracked up to be ( from cory)
8. It's ok to mix stripes, dots and plaids ( from cory)
9. Upside down and sideways is always good! ( from cory)
10. There are no mistakes, only happy accidents ( from me!)

hmmmm... i am sure there are more, but i need your help. what can you think of that applies to crafting AND life? This will be fun, leave a comment.....


Createology said...

Hi Lindsay:

That there is no "perfect". To embrace the handcrafted look. Very interesting and thought provoking post. Happy Sunday to you...

Dogwood said...

Beware of the glue gun.

Dogwood said...

***It is OK to mix dots, stripes, plaids and prints.

***Upside down and sideways is is cool!

Dogwood said...

A few more:

***sew on paper and paint on cloth

***Straight lines are not all they are cracker-up to be

***Toss the sissors=tear