Monday, January 31, 2011

a truly incredible day

So... it is no secret to most of you that i am a huge fan of Ruth Rae... i love her. And today... was a great day in the world of my own personal ruth rae fan club....
She was demo-ing at the ICE RESIN booth and Michal wanted me to go over and watch how it worked so that i could demo it when it comes in...
Well, awe struck and in love with this product... i went to watch the magic. I cannot wait to show you all how it will cover a sheet of paper and when it dries in 24 hours it becomes hard (but plyable) and you can ink on it with staz on and color it with alcohol inks..... so beautiful
that's it ther under all the rut rae goodness... it's the mica looking book page. And wait... did i say you can then sew through it? Well... you can....

And... bordering on a bit of the groupie stalker person that I feel like i am, I took a deep breath and words came out of my mouth telling Ruth what a huge fan i am and how she inspired me to make some art quilts and that I would be honored if she came over to see my booth. I handed her a card and walked away.... with my heart thumping wildly!

So.... fast forward a few hours when Karen called and told me guess who was just in my booth and who will be back in 10 minutes to talk to me about my art quilts.......
oh my heck, oh my gosh, yippie skippie!!!
I was upstairs placing an order and left in a jiffy! I got down there and within minutes... low and behold, walking down the aisle in front of me... coming right at me was... you guessed it.
Kristen Robinson ( from Somerset Studio and Somerset Life magazines) and Ruth Rae (From her book Layered, tattered and stitched - a fabric art workshop and the magazine Art Quilting Studio)
Well... it was amazing. And when it was all done... they left with all my art qulits. That's all i am saying for now... but i cried, i jumped up and down ( yes, in front of them ), i had pictures taken with them and it was just exactly what i prayed would come to pass.
Turns out... that Kristen, bout MY book when she was just out of college. She took it to a job that she didn't like much and kept it in her drawer. She would play with lettering on her lunch break and she told me that it got her through a really hard time.
See... how cute she is there holding the book? Well... i hate to leave you all guessing... but, i will. We will just have to see where those quilts turn up and when. But i will say... i am humbled and blessed and so freakin' excited. And obvioulsy, i can't sleep - I wish i had my paints and some fabric here with me at my mom's house! More to come tomorrow... the last day of the show. Stay tuned... and check kristen's blog to see the nice things that she had to say about me and my work. Hey ... I'm back!


Paula said...

I am sooooo excited for you! And I love the new stuff-can't wait to see the demo on the resin. Have a safe trip back! (Will Karen be able to fit her "knitting" in her car?)!!!

Dogwood said...

Goodie~Goodie...I am so excited for you. I am jumping and skiping aound the house for you. I am SO SO SO proud of you.

Now, I will return to my little crafting projects with inspiration from you and the mountain artists.


Denise said...

Fabulous news... can't wait to hear more about it all, and to see all the goodies you ordered for the store. Looks like it was a very successful trip!