Wednesday, March 27, 2013

it's almost letter writing month

 National Letter Writing Month is almost here. April 1st is the begining of a super fun month of card and letter writing between 100 incredible blog readers. I cannot wait. So, until then... I am gonna share a bit of what's been going on with me lately.

This first shot is of my friend Karen and I at a teacher meet and greet at Ben Franklin where we teach. I think we look fab and our art looks even better!

Next, is my friend Mary and I LetterBoxing. Have you heard of LetterBoxing?
Well click on the LINK and take a look. It's where you go on treasure hunts with fun clues to find hand carved stamps in thousands of areas in the world and then you stamp your little journal book and then onto the next hunt. So much fun. We found this fun stamp on the way to Reno in the snow. So much fun! We had so much fun, we are going again Easter morning... like an egg hunt for grown ups.

The last three pics are one's my son took.
I kinda think he is awesome... and he took some pics of me and my art for an upcoming feature in Art Journaling Magazine and Apprentice Magazine. Pretty excited about both.
new journal below that i am working on...
new art journal... the begining above here 
and below... after the painting...
stay tuned and check back to see the progress in the month to come....
next... letter writing month
April 1st... no fooling!


Traceyr said...

Great art work there Lindsay. Happy Easter too.


Jessica Snowden said...

Holy Moly Lindsay! 1st off...I think you have one of the all time best jobs in the world (I miss doing the same almost 20yrs ago). 2nd(ish) -- You are an AWESOME Mentor & Host for the NLWM! THANK YOU for doing that! I Love you artwork -- You always make things that make me smile. Congrats on the Features in the totally deserve those & it's about time! Finally --- OMG! I LOVE Letterboxing! I've been wanting to do it again (along with Geocaching) FOREVER! How cool! PS -- I think Kurtis' photography is pretty darn cool too!

Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

Lindsay, so much to comment on from that post - your art is amazing, I especially love that bird on your journal. I'm going to try letterboxing for the first time tomorrow, I'm pretty excited (hope I can find it!), awesome photos taken by your son and congrats on being featured in the magazines, that is pretty exciting!

Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

Lindsay, did you draw that bird? oh my gosh! It looks like a rubber stamp I might have :-), or a vintage bird I've got on my computer's lovely. I can't draw my way out of paper bag, so I use a lot of copyright-free images in my art. LOVE this -- Davi