Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Wishes and letter writing dreams

I just finished making bunnies for my three grown kids baskets. I couldn't help myslef. I just don't know how to do Easter without bunnies, baskets of eggs. So, we are doing all of that... with a glow in the dark egg hunt and a game of russian egg roulette for big kids... should be wild.

 I think they came out pretty cute..., there is time for more letter writing.
Even though it begins on the 1st, some of us got a head start on mailing out our first letters and some of them got there just a tad early.
All my letters are in the mail. I did 100 postcards. It took about a month to address them all but well worth it. Some folks got theirs yesterday. Kinda my plan... i did want my welcome card to get there before all the fun and fa la la of the real letter writing begins. 
These beautiful pieces came to me from Anne and Laurie...
pen pals in the National Letter Writing Month Challenge - 
so so cute! 
This is what they sent out to their pen pals 

The beautiful handmade horse card and envelope below came to me on Friday from a National Letter Writing Month participant - Cindy. I was blown away... for my first card and envelope delivered - it sets the bar high for a month of wonderful
mail in the mailbox.

So, tomorrow is Easter... 
Hoppy Easter 
and then onto April Fools Day
and the 4th year of
National Letter Writing Month.
Here we go........


Dogwood said...

Sosososo much fun. I love April for lots of reasons. NLWM is fabulous. thanks to you for organizing us ladies. I mailed about thirty-six postcard today and creating more today. I just finished my banner to decorate my mailbox. :)
Hugs, Cory/Dogwood

Dawn said...

I love it!!! The cards are so cute and your bunnies are adorable! I love the glow in the dark egg hunt--too fun! Yay!!

Traceyr said...

Wonderful artwork girls. I wish you luck in your month of letter writing.