Monday, April 1, 2013

APRIL 1st.... 2013, first day of NLWM

and the letter writing has begun... I didn't count them all but as you can see, i made a haul today. I didn't get off of work until 5 today and then headed home to my beautifully decorated mailboxes. I did spell a word wrong, which in typical Lindsayness is normail for me. I fixed it, or so i thought. It was the word "writing" and i left out the T.... well, i went back today and realized i left out the I also.... whatever. I am creative... not a speller. I get going so fast and never think to double check things. Oh well... the mailperson will get the idea and all my neighbors just think I am some crazy creative loon....hehehe.

Here is the pile of amazing goodness that I recieved. It did take me over a half hour to open, read and photograph my loot. You ladies are too too incredible. For those that didn't play this year... you will want to put this on your calendar for next year. Amazing. I even got a letter from a publisher about offering me a book on healing and letter writing to give away as a prize to one of you. How cool is that? I am so humbled by all of this. Ok, so onto the loot...hehehe

This was a bottle from Florida filled with sand, shells and even a fish .... more to follow below on this one!
Here is the bottle, complete with a message from Tina in Florida and man it's so cute inside ( still more to follow below )
This one is from my art group friend MUM... aka Paula, she made this in honor of our retreat that's in a few weeks called MARS ( Mountain Artists Retreat and Sleepover) -
it's done with sewn lines and yarn letters... cuteness!
Ann sent this sweet die cut bunny... just like that. Stamp and address on the other side. Love this sweet girl!
 In case you needed to know... yes, you can send a ROCK in the mail!!!
This one came from Lauralyn in Tuscon Arizona.... so totally great. And Lauralyn... you ROLL!!! Thanks so much... love this - and it's shaped like a heart!
 This beautiful envelope came from my pen pal #1 - Audrianne... the "L" fell off but i knew what it meant. The card will follow below
This spiffy envelope came from Joy and she really did hand carve a "NLWM" rubber stamp there. I don't know where that cool stamp with the moustache came from but it's super cool!
this pretty butterfly stamp came from Joy also, she made an envelope from a piece of wallpaper from a book of old wallpaper. Fabulous
(oh and she sent me two things today - the over achiver, LOVE!)

the above and below are from Claudia in Washington... she loves frogs, can you tell. Loved your sweet letter claudia
Claudia teaches zentangling, calligraphy and now she is adding carving rubber stamps to her talents... she made this beautiful flower on the front of the card above.
This is gift number two from Joy.... a whole envelope of my very own cirlce return address lables. They have my name and address and CREATOR OF CUTENESS... which is , who i am! Thanks Joy... you little dickens you!
Dee Marie (aka Debbie Farinella) - sent me a pretty mailing tube with this fab flowered letter opener in it... love it and the tube. I have a tube going out to some lucky lady very soon!
This pretty stamped piece is from Gail who scolded me for sending my card so that it arrived BEFORE the 1st... sneeky little leader that i am. I wanted to welcome you all to NLWM.... Welcome and thanks Gail!
this sweet little tag was in a card that came from Joy, pretty miss!
This is the front of the card that Joy sent.... handstamped!
One of my favorite punches and magazine pages in my favorite greens came from pen pal #1 - Audrianne.... love the hearts. And you and i need to chat about one of your jobs, i will ask you about it in my next letter.... Love this one too
Here are some of the shells, flamingo confetti and sand from Florida from Tina.... FLorida has the best shells and sand of anywhere i have been too! Loved the bottle, the BEACH tag and the message... so great.
Tina's bottle came with sealing wax to keep it sealed, the stamp of a "T" in the top of the cap and that cute metal ring tag all stamped up and it arrived just fine and amazing. Loved this so much miss TIna... thanks!
SO.... what have you recieved???
if you are not participating with 101 of us crazy letter writers, you can still join in the fun and send a letter to a family member or friend. Nothing to make a sucky day at work , a great day at home than to come home to only 1 bill in my mailbox and all this glorious mail. Really... you ladies ROCK!!!!
stay tuned for much more fun with snail mail all month long!


Audrianne Gunter said...

I am so glad that your mailbox was so happy today! Thankful I got to be a small part of that! Can't wait to watch the blog all month!! And, it's right you know-- you do rock!

Dawn said...

How fun to get all those goodies to kick off the month!! So totally love all of this!! =0)

Anonymous said...

Have I mentioned how crazy much I love your style!!! CRAY to the ZEE!