Wednesday, April 3, 2013

great new snail mail....

snail mail is coming in so fast and strong that i am having a heck of a time keeping up on the blog posts, writing letters back to folks and trying to keep a personal life ( my husband keeps asking me... "is there any time left in the day for me" ) - but... all that being said... this is awesome! Today, i got 4 letters and one is in braille! 

So.... above is a card from Anne to Sharida
and below is a tag... sorry, can't remember who made it

This is a piece below that Ann got from 
her pen pal... again, sorry -
i promise to do a better job of who made these with the next batch...
there are just too many players to keep track.

Ok... this is the piece to die for....
Sharon actually printed on fabric and then quilted this piece for Claudia

 Ok, well aside from the fact that this is truly amazing.... and she printed on the fabric and then quilted a letter... she stuffed the whole thing in a bottle with treats and candy and a message that sang to Claudia when she opened the whole deal. Sharon... bravo!

Lynette send the pic of the stash below of just her first couple of days of recieving mail-
a pretty great batch of mail loot there!

Nan sent the xeroxed piece of art below and
incorporated a stamp into her art...
so pretty

Tamara took a picture of her card making supplies here....
it's turning out to be a great month

stay tuned for more letters, cards and some incredible mail art


Dawn said...

It sang?!! Sharon wins--hands down! Brilliant! And this is only Day Four!! Yay! =0D

Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

Wow, Sharon is really taking the message in a bottle theme to the height of creativity, isn't she? Well done!! The rest of the goodies look pretty awesome too! We're a lucky bunch of coconuts, that's for sure.

ann said...

makes my head spin!