Sunday, August 11, 2013

stocking the shelves....

I have been working hard all weekend...
stocking the shelves of my facebook page with all of my 
signs, ornaments and necklaces.

head over to 

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and get entered to win
a custom made sign 
of your very own.

 so there are the new blue plate special signs... like the silly and fun one posted above on a silver platter ( not real silver... but you know )

there are pretty wooden nickle pendants in lots of cool designs ( which is a fancy way of saying that i hand draw a boat load of these babies and they are all unique and cool)

and yes, ok... you can beat me now... i did add my holiday ornaments to the shop. Sorry... i just have like 15 craft shows booked between now and Christmas and I am gonna be super busy. If i don't add it now... well, it just migh not get added. So forgive me for being so early. AND.... you can see alot of these goodies on my etsy site as well. It's called
 THE PAPER RABBIT. More to follow there as well!

and in the mean time... i will just be hanging out here with my honey at the fair. hehehe, no really. I will just keep creating and bringing you as much fun new stuff as i can. And as the summer is winding down... we need a new challenge. 
SEPTEMBER 1st will bring our first blog challenge for the fall. So get ready.

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Createology said...

Busy...busy...busy and uber creative. Enjoy all the fun dear.